Sunday, 30 October 2011

Fussy Eaters

Just taking 5 minutes to rant about my 18 month old!

She was 100% breastfed, we did BLW and for the first 17 months of her life I had a fantastic little eater albeit a VERY messy one.

Number 2 prior to fussy stage

We now have the problem whereby if it isn't white/bread based, or in other words plain rice, plain pasta or toast, then we wont eat it.  We wont even TRY it, we wont look at it, in fact just having it on our plate offends us!

An example of her Diva-like behaviour:  Wednesday night I made a fantastic, home-made spag bog with hundreds of hidden veg.  The little madam eats only the spaghetti that hasn't been contaminated by the bolognese sauce and refuses point blank to even look at the rest.  I take away said leftover dinner add a little water, introduce it to my wand blender and return it to the child calling it "Soup" and I am presented with an empty bowl and the word "More".

We do have the saving grace that she is a little fruit junkie.  Oranges, apples and bananas are items worthy of a little tantrum so all is not lost.  I am getting some vitamins into our child - they are just not suitable items to make up the 3 main meals of the day!

We have had a period of illness in our household so I am hoping the two are related either that or it is just a phase.  I will keep telling myself that this will all be over soon.

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