Sunday, 11 December 2011

My Wishes For The Perfect Homebirth

We have the midwife coming to see us tomorrow to discus our planned homebirth, this has had me thinking and we have spent the last few nights discussing the "ideal" and thought I'd put it down in words now.  It will be interesting to see how it all compares to the actual event!

I will have my first twinges late afternoon with the BigD around.  This will give us time to put my Mum on standby at a reasonable hour - We plan to have my Mum there to be with D1 &D2 so The BigD can give me his undivided attention.  Things will progress fairly slowly giving us chance to put the little ones to bed with their usual routine.

When we reach the point we feel we need to call the midwife we will call my Mum first.  Based on my last homebith I went from 3cm to feeling the urge to push in 45 minutes so I would like to think that things will happen fairly quickly at this point.

When the midwife feels that things are starting to happen (AND providing they are happening smoothly AND I am showing very little outward signs of discomfort) we will wake D1 who is 4 so she can watch and welcome her little brother enter the world. People have very mixed opinions on children being present at the birth of siblings but she is very mature for her age and we have prepared her well with discussions, story books and home birth videos.
D1 welcoming D2 into the world.  She didn't witness the birth but was woken within the hour.

When the time comes to push I want to try and take it as slow as possible, to almost breath the baby out if you like. I have had two tears previously and the last time I wasn't stitched so I don't have much left to tear if you get my drift....

I would love to own the bragging rights to having birthed a child on 2 paracetamol BUT that isn't going to happen. I will be using gas & air. Based on previous experience biting down on that mouthpiece really does help and it can provide great focus.

I will have a natural 3rd stage - hopefully with more success than previously, when my body just didn't want to deliver the placenta. Providing the birth is smooth and trouble free then we will be declining the vitamin K injection but that is a decision we will make at the time and with the guidance of the midwife.

And finally.... The midwife and my Mum will have packed up and left before 2am and we will all climb into bed together!

Now lets see how it really happens...


  1.  I did the natural birth for 3 and then  on number 4 I had pain med so I would never go back to not having med after that. I think that is awesome that you get to have your baby at home. I thought about that before but do to high risk I was not encouraged to. I did get to get many of my doctor appointments with a midwife at home for quite a few of the births and it was so nice to have that deep of a relationship with the  person that was supposed to help bring the babies into the world. 

  2. Unfortunately the midwife that delivers is unlikely to be the same midwife I see for my antenatal checks.  Wow well done you for going totally natural! 

  3. That sounds like the perfect birth and think it would be amazing for D1 to welcome little bro into the world.  You'll have prepared her well and know that she'll be able to cope with the event and will be a wonderful memory for her.


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