Sunday, 8 April 2012

Come Dine With Us - D1 Style

This Easter holidays D1 has been in charge of all our evening meals.  

I picked up a fab little cook book (What's for dinner) from the book club at a baby singing group that D2, D3 and I attend.  It is great in so many ways, we love the photography and more importantly there are not many recipes that we won't try.  It certainly isn't posh dinner party food but it definitely is a quick and easy everyday family cook book.

D1 flicked through the book and bookmarked every recipe that caught her attention (lots of pasta) and we are now working our way through them.  She is writing a shopping list and we are going to the shop for ingredients on a daily basis (we are walking distance to the super market), she is paying and then helping to prepare the meal.

It's proving to be a great exercise and the Italian Chicken Bake will definitely be going on the menu more often, even our fussy eater (D2) ate it all, along with the extra vegetables I snuck in!

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