Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter Learning - Chocolate Maths

This year the Easter Bunny left it far too late "must have run out of dairy free eggs" to hide round the garden for our annual Easter egg hunt so we just had to grab a packet of little chocolate eggs from Tesco.

D1 still had a great time hunting for them and we agreed an exchange rate of 10p per egg.  Where D1 is concerned money has no value and she would happily swap a £2 coin for 2p if the 2p was shinier - We are trying to rectify this and over the Easter Holidays she has been paying for all the shopping, we have also been learning how to count in tens so we had great fun working out how many pennies she needed in exchange for her hoard of eggs.

How many eggs does Daddy need in exchange for 50p?
The eggs cost £3 and she made £2.60 from her stash.  We are now left with a pile of indelible cheap and nasty Tesco chocolate and are -£5.60.  Next year the Easter Bunny will be more organised and buy a packet of plastic refillable eggs from the pound shop!  In the mean time I am on the look out for a recipe that might make all that chocolate edible.

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