Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: Elf Games DVD Review

Today we were very lucky to receive a pre release copy of Ben & Holly's latest adventures - especially as I have 2 HUGE Ben and Holly fans. The DVD is titled the elf games and has been released in perfect time to coincide with all the hype surrounding London 2012.

TV generally isn't allowed in our house, although I am getting more relaxed these days. I much prefer DVDs instead - I think it's the control freak in me.

The thing I like best about Ben and Holly is that the characters speak using "proper" English and none of the silly noises/phrases found on other children's shows. The colours are bright and each episode has its own story line with characters that appeal to both genders and a wide age range. The DVD carries a u certification so you know that you can happily let your children watch unsupervised and without prior pre screening.

Episode 1, The elf games sees Ben training hard for the Little kingdom's version of the olympics. Holly wants to join in but flying and magic are strictly forbidden...

Other episodes on the disk include:

2. Cows

3. The Toy Robot

4. Dinner Party

5. Big Bad Barry

6. King Thistle's Birthday

7. The Wand Factory

8. Daisy and Poppy's Pet

9. The Elf Rocket

10.Picnic on the Moon

I think it is safe to say both girls enjoyed the DVD and the BigD and I enjoyed half an hours peace and quiet before bed!

For more information visit http://www.littlekingdomstore.co.uk/*/DVD/Ben-and-Holly-s-Little-Kingdom-Vol-4-The-Elf-Games/119QE01M7000

Disclaimer: We received a copy of the DVD for review purposes, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own


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