Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Freezer Cooking

Last week the fridge freezer decided to die - really not good for my stress levels!  We had so much meat that needed using or throwing away.  There was nothing for it but to go on a major cook fest.  In one afternoon The bigD and i managed to whip up:

2 meatloaves
1 portion of meatballs,
1 bolognese
2 chilli con carnes
1 Cantonese chicken
1 sweet and sour pork 
1 steak/ale stew/pie filling
1 portion Lamb kebab meat
1 Cooked beef joint for sandwiches
1 portion of shepard's pie meat

It was some effort but we managed to save most of it and it has now all been distributed amongst friends'  freezers.  Once we are back up and running in the fridge/freezer department I am quite looking forward to 2 weeks of not having to cook, but for the moment we are living day to day, buying fresh on a daily basis.  I am looking forward to it so much I think I may just have to make it a regular thing, only with a little more forward planning next time.  I am hoping to dream up a varied two week menu, which would mean if done well I would only have to cook 2 days a month.   Just think, what could i do with all the time saved?  If I need to chop 1 onion I may as well chop up 10!

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