Friday, 4 May 2012

Vanity And A Self Portrait

D1 has become so vain since starting school.  It is ridiculous.  I want to burn all the hairbrushes and hide the mirrors.  This morning she got in bed with me and before we went downstairs, in fact, before we had even turned the lights on she was tweaking her hair and smoothing it all down.  It wouldn't possibly do for the coco-pops to see her hair a state!

I  decided to give her practical reason for looking in a mirror.  I gave her a mirror and asked her to draw what she saw.  
look at that tongue poking out with concentration

This is the result and I am sure you will agree it is such a great likeness!


Mirrored Writing
I must say I was very impressed with her observational skills and the detail she has picked up on - from the teddy on the front of her jim jams  to the blue of her eyes.  It took the BigD and I a while to figure out what the back-to-front writing was all about.  Well, I did tell her to draw what she saw!

I have dated this wonderful picture and I am going to ask her to repeat the exercise every few months and make a little book of them.


  1. Well done to her for managing to write it backwards!! Good exercise - they do become vain and so concerned with what they look like and what other people think. Such a shame it starts as such an early age :( xx

  2. How clever that she wrote backwards!! Love the drawing :) Very artistic!


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