Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Garden Diaries

When we bought our house the biggest selling point was the garden, it's pretty big and has plenty of room for us to grow our own veg.  We have big plans for the gorgeous outdoor space but as with all things, when you have a young family, money is a big issue but we have made a great start!

This is what the garden looked like last autumn:
And this is the same view today:
Eventually we hope to divide the garden in half with a little picket fence to protect all the veggies from the inevitable football attacks and have a clear child/grown up boundaries.  This spring the girls were super lucky to be given a playhouse - a reward for successful potty training and en excellent report at parents evening.

Now you see it...
The BigD built a little patio area for the playhouse to sit on and in doing so he wiped out an entire bush!  He had been itching to take it down since we moved in but I kept putting my foot down and saying no - I think it might have been rather convenient that he had to build the patio so far out...  Then I came back from a little shopping trip to find he had taken out the sandpit too, not that  I could moan after I'd bought a new dress.

Now you don't...
I must say that the BigD did a great job in bodging patching up the lawn where the bush used to be but I think where the sandpit once stood will require a little more TLC.  Lawn care will be high on the priority list this summer and maybe, just maybe, I'll get my picket fence but I think, perhaps I might be fantasizing a little too much to hope for a patio and summer house in the little sun trap that is the bottom of the garden.

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