Friday, 18 November 2011

Is It Acceptable to Order in a Take Away on Christmas Day?

This morning I posted the above as a bit of a throw away status, thinking out loud if you like, on Facebook and I was totally surprised at the response it received - I have just put the phone down from my Mum who is absolutely horrified at the thought that I might deprive my children of the traditional roast.

I think the majority of people assumed that I don't want to be cooking Christmas dinner in an extremely fat, pregnant state! Actually the truth is I HATE Christmas dinner. Can't stand it in fact. I even hate roast dinners. I hate any dinner with sliced meat, three veg and gravy. There I said it.

Confession time:
Mum I used to tell you I wasn't hungry and that I'd nuke my dinner later.  I would wait for you to go upstairs, turn the microwave on so that you'd hear it ping then I'd scrape my plate down the back of that climbing plant you had against the fence!  It was a really pretty plant to - what happened to it I wonder?

Now the BigD usually gets given a turkey from work and if that was the case then I would have made the effort. This year (I blame the credit crunch again) he will not be receiving one so that is decision made. I will not be serving up the traditional roast.

I would like to start a Christmas tradition that my children remember, whether that be a take away or another kind of festive meal I am yet undecided.

Do you tuck into an alternative Christmas dinner on the big day?


  1. My father is so disappointed if he does not get a holiday meal. I think it is unfair that I slave all day and would rather take a year off now and then to have something like steak. Maybe go out to eat? Something other than me slaving all day. I rather would spend the day enjoying the holiday with my family instead of in the kitchen slaving. I did use the word  Slave a lot  lol sometimes I like tradition but make it easier on the mom.

  2. my other half doesn't like meat at all and as such doesn't enjoy a christmas dinner, so I normally do a small chicken dinner on Christmas day, and he has potatoe and veg, but he just tends to pick at it and then stock up on goodies!
    So yes I think you can make a new tradition that suits your family, and still enjoy it, so if you prefer a nice pizza or something else, then why not have that on Christmas day you can if you wish all sit round the table with Christmas tableware and still enjoy it, you'll probably enjoy it even more and it'll give you much mroe time to do other things too!

  3. Oh I like my roast turkey dinner! Only time I cook a while turkey so it's kind of a change to what i Eat the rest of the year. but at the end of the day, it's your day, your family, your kitchen hell its your womanly right to cook whatever you darn well want to!!
    Ps. Not sure if take aways are open Xmas day - but you could always shove a pizza in the oven? You could even top it with some turkey and make it into a Xmas pizza?? Lol

  4. Tradition is great and if your father is really going to appreciate then it will be worth all your slaving.  My husband would appreciate my efforts too and I am starting to feel I may be a bit of a stick-in-mud for not wanting to do it.

  5. That's a great idea Sarah, I hadn't really thought of dressing the table so to speak as this is the first time I will have done Christmas at home.  Time to put thinking cap on and see how I can get the kids involved, I'm thinking home made table decorations....

  6. Thanks Jenny,  You have made me feel all empowered now!

    Perhaps I should start planning now and do some research.  I mentioned to my eldest daughter that we might have Chinese and she is pretty excited   about it - wouldn't want to disappoint, although my husband, I am sure, would prefer the traditional roast with all the trimmings.


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