Friday, 4 November 2011

Eat "Crap" Friday

Here in the mayhem household everything almost everything is cooked, everyday, completely from scratch and served up to include a good count towards our "five a day".

Last week, however, I was quite poorly and by the time Friday came around I just couldn't face it!  So I made the executive Mummy decision and decided the BigD was going to cook.  We had sausage, egg, chips and beans (Although I did insist the chips were still made from Scratch).

This went down a storm with everyone, particularly with my Fussy Eater, so it got me thinking...  Are meals like this really that BAD?  Am I a terrible mother? (I felt like a terrible mother and made up for it by serving up home made vegetable soup for lunch as well as jam-packed-with-veg stir fry for dinner the next day.)  I have since arrived at the conclusion that once in a while meals like that are not so bad and there is nothing wrong it.

And so the tradition has been born.  Fridays will now be known as Eat "Crap" Day AND what's more as BigD finishes work early on a Friday he can be in charge.

Tonight we are having shop bought (eek) wedges, onion rings and pizza!  I am quite looking forward to it...  Shhh!


  1. I used to struggle with this too. Sometimes looking in the freezer and seeing only things that could be cooked from scratch was pretty daunting so I caved in and bought a few 'crap' things.

    Best decision I EVER made. We don't have a regular day (but maybe we should). The kids love it and I get a break.

  2. We have Eat Crap Fridays too, and it has kind of just happened that way but I was just thinking the other day how it has fallen into place. I posted yesterday about my addiction to my slow cooker, which means when I go shopping on a weekend, I plan 4 slow cooker meals and then plan to have "crap" on a Friday, because in our house Friday tea time is when the weekend starts!! We tend to have a chippy once a month and then it varies from pizza, sausages or gammon and chips - the kids love it because they know if they eat the good stuff alll week, Friday is mum's night off and although I'm the one that bungs it in the oven, it's very little effort - and once a week I see no harm to be honest!!

  3. Good to know I'm not the only one. It was really strange this week shopping especially.

    Supersingle - I have a post planned about my slow cooker too, am about to swing by and check yours out!

  4. Our kids see Friday as an "eat crap" day too. Once a week isn't an issue, it gives them something to look forward to and like you, I have a fussy eater so it helps him by having something to work towards.

    If you make sure the kids (and everyone else in the house!) eat proper home cooked food thats good for them the rest of the week, then that one day each week for eating crap shouldn't worry you, it doesn't worry me :)


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