Thursday, 3 November 2011

A cheap alternative to potentially toxic baby products

I recently read a report written by Amy Westervelt highlighting toxic ingredients in Johnson & Johnsons's baby shampoo and other beauty products (Click the link for more information).

This reminded me of an incident when the wall in my hallway was attacked with a well known brand of washable felt tip pens.  In a bid to remove the offending marks I reached for a packet of nearby baby wipes (I would like to point out that the baby wipes were not Johnson's but a well known supermarket's own brand).  Yes, the baby wipes did a fantastic job of removing the pen marks.  They also stripped the paint from the walls.  Can wipes really be good for a baby's bottom?

With this memory and reading the above mentioned article I was prompted to dig out an AMAZING book sent to me from New Zealand by my mother in law.  It contains recipes for all kinds of cleaning and beauty products using mostly simple and natural ingredients.

Being new to blogging I am unsure of the rules surrounding sharing with you the recipe for some of her baby products BUT I have found them all freely available on the WWW.

Click Here for a link to Wendyl Nissen's website and all her baby product recipes.

I am now armed with a shopping list of ingredients and I will let you know how we get on!


  1. Brilliant - I'm just getting into making my own household cleaning products and stuff. Is your hubby from NZ then? Do you get over there much? We lived there for 5 years and can't wait to get back there ;-)

  2. Hi Fiona. Thanks for stopping by. Yes he is. I have only been over there once, 3 years ago now, but the inlaws have been over a couple of times. It is a beautiful country.

    I am going to give making my own laundry powder/liquid a go too - Looking forward to seeing the results.

  3. sharing rocks - that's the best bit of blogging!
    Oh my goodness *stares at the stuff in her bathroom with horror*
    I used to have a green guide - white vingear does most stuff - thanks for the information and for giving me a reminder - brilliant!

  4. LOVE this website Laura, ultimately me and the boy want to build a house from sustainable sources and is as self sufficient as possible, this has loads of great ideas, thanks!! x

  5. In that case Dani, I can highly recommend the the book. Can't get it in the UK but can download it to kindle if that helps! (you have to apply some reverse logic to the months though as the seasons are opposite in NZ)


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