Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bye Bye Booby - Is this the end?

I 100% breastfed my 2 girls. I fed D1 until she was about 18months and I must say it was me that forced the weaning process - I regretted this almost as soon as she stopped asking and tried to reinstate it.  She was having none of it and totally appeared to have lost the ability to nurse.  That was the end of that.

With D2 I was determined to undo my wrongs and do things differently.  As some of you may know by now, I am 31 weeks Pregnant with Number 3.  Around 24 weeks into the pregnancy D2 was barely nursing at all and when she did show an interest is was for, literally, seconds at a time.  At this point she would have only been 15 months - A little young for self weaning.  One day she just looked at me and said "Gone".

I tried hand expressing.  Nothing!  Out came the breastpump.   Nothing!  I had dried up - I have since read that this is quite normal for that stage of pregnancy.  I felt terrible.  I cried.  I felt that I had failed.  I felt guilty for being pregnant again and that I was depriving her of her needs.  She continued to ask for "booby" on the odd occasion and I would always oblige but it was only ever for a few seconds.

I was 29 weeks and my breasts almost changed overnight.  Woohoo.  My milk had returned, only it was more colostrum than milk.  D2 was still asking on the odd occasion and this time would suckle for, perhaps, about a minute.  After a minute she was pulling off, screwing her face up and declaring it "YUK".

Two nights ago I realised she hadn't asked for 24hours so I asked if she wanted some booby.  The answer was the most definite "NO" I have ever heard.  I must say I feel a little better about this, I feel that I am producing something beautiful and nutritious and if she doesn't want it then it's not my fault.  Don't get me wrong I am still gutted as I was determined to reach at LEAST the 2 year mark, as recommended by the world health organization, and I would have like to experience tandem feeding.

Does anyone else have experience of breastfeeding whilst pregnant?


  1. I have, several times. The toughest part for me is the tender part, early on in the pregnancy. OW.

    However, I wouldn't be surprised if D2 took an interest again when there's more competition at the tap. They get nostalgic, and there's more room in that lap than looks like now. ;)

  2. Hi Brooke, 

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave your words of wisdom.We got through those painful first days.  I really hope she does come back to feed but is more than likely at least 2 months away and I fear she will have lost the ability!  Fingers crossed!

  3. Hi I'm still tandem feeding but I think it's lovely that you were able to self wean - for whatever the reason - it was nature. Well done :)

    I'm nominating you for an award :)
    (will be published soon)

  4. Really interesting. I breastfed my first child till she was 3 and 3 months (though it was only a bedtime feed each day at the end). By then I was a couple of months pregnant with my second & began to really resent the feeding - it was really tender & painful & I felt I wanted my body back! She took it really well, as we'd talked about how the new baby would need the milk (I didn't really want to tandem feed as I found feeding really hard first time round & didn't want to add any extra complications!), and one night she just said, "We can save the doody for the baby now". I was so relieved she took it so well! After the baby was born, the older one asked once or twice if she could feed, but she had forgotten how to do it! She still likes to cuddle up to me and shove her hand down my t-shirt when she's sad. The baby is now 9 months old, so I don't know how long we'll go on for.


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