Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I'm NOT Nesting

The theme over at The Gallery this week is "The Kitchen". When I read this I certainly didn't have to think twice.

Over the weekend The BigD and I were planning the dinners for the next few days trying to decide how we were going to use up the left over veg when I came across a rather manky looking lettuce right at the bottom of the veg drawer. That was it. Out came the lettuce, out came the drawer and out came the antibacterial wipes. The BigD was set to work at the sink washing the drawer whilst I set to work with the wipes, the drawer was closely followed by every shelf and compartment. I am now the proud owner of a spotlessly clean and beautifully organised fridge!

I then set to work scrubbing the entire bathroom, every nook and cranny of it! It was at this point The BigD dare to ask "Are you nesting?" No. I'm not nesting! Just in case I haven't mentioned it before, let me tell you I am 34weeks pregnant, and of course, it is just absolutely essential that the fridge, bathroom and coat cupboard all get an extra good spring clean!

I'm NOT nesting though. Well perhaps, maybe just a little bit.

Now you've seen what happened in my kitchen over the weekend click the link above and checkout what others were up to!


  1. The amazing thing about your fridge is that it's got food in it. Mine has sticky brown puddles when food once was before it died and a tub of Utterly Butterly that my mother left behind. 

  2. I am impressed! Your fridge has space.  Mine is filled with condiments I use once in a blue moon, and fromage frais... lots and lots of fromage frais.

  3. Your post made me smile. I haven't given my fridge the big clean since I was nesting and pregnant with my little girl. She's 7mths old now, I need some more of those nesting hormones I think :)

  4. I need some nesting motivation to do my winter clean LOL!

  5. Haha I remember all that nesting, so much cleaning and scrubbing! Your fridge does look very clean though x

  6. Your not nesting skills were very impressive.

  7. I still have mad moments of nesting now & I'm not pregnant!
    Your fridge looks very tidy!!!

  8. Ooooh, lovely and clean! I cleaned my fridge this week in a moment of madness. Definitely no nesting going on here just a serious avoidance of studying!


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